Eye on the Target and Wham! 2019
Acrylic on wooden circular panel
45” Diameter

RIDIKKULUZ  (ᴘʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ : “ridiculous”/ʀɨˈᴅɪᴋəʟəᴢ/ ʀɪ-ᴅɪᴋ-ə-ʟəᴢ) b. 1994

is a self-taught, New York-based, Queer, Jordanian-American multidisciplinary artist working in painting, sculpture, performance and video. His work focuses on marginalized identities and their spaces through figurative portraiture. RIDIKKULUZ encompasses identity, duality and intense emotion all while bridging the gap between Western and Arab culture. The Rowaq Al-Balqa foundation in Jordan gave him an artistic premise early on with mentorship from various MENA fine-artists. RIDIKKULUZ graduated in 2016 from St. John’s University & furthered his studies abroad in France, Spain and Italy. RIDIKKULUZ’s work has since been featured in the music videos of Lupe Fiasco and Kiing Sky. In 2018, He was interviewed by Amman Radio for his depiction of the Royal King and Queen in Jordan. RIDIKKULUZ is a Khalil Gibran Scholar who was chosen to create a mural in 2020 for Brooklyn Public Library at the Macon Branch. Most recently, He created the cover art for DJ Lorant’s new single, “More Freedom”. RIDIKKULUZ is also a part of New York’s ballroom scene belonging to the House of Xtravaganza and specializing in the dance category, “arms control”. Press features include The Journal News, TENz Magazine, Aziz Art Magazine, the Daily 49er, Hors Centre: French Embassy & Queens College Newsletter and Arts Westchester Magazine. RIDIKKULUZ has exhibited in Westchester, New York City and Jordan.